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Key Stages in the Incorporation of SAFe Framework in Business

Technology has greatly taken over in the field of business and the implementation of the same in businesses has made it easy to carry out their activities. It is required that whenever a business is trying to incorporate the technology they are supposed to ensure that they choose the one that will be effective according to their business. SAFe practitioner has become common among the different types of business. There is the right procedure that should be followed when it comes to the implementation of the SAFe practitioner as described in this article.

Plan is the first stage when it comes to the implementation of the SAFe practitioner. Planning is all about knowing how you should handle the incorporation of the framework in your firm. During the planning you will be I a better position to understand the requirements of your firms concerning the SAFe practitioner. A firm that is not in a proper position to implement the SAFe practitioner right might not achieve the set target or it might be difficult for them to achieve the set goals.

Execution is the stage after the plan where the SAFe practitioner is now put in use as it was intended. With this in mind you are required to execute in the best way possible such that you get the most out of the SAFe practitioner. How firms do carry out the execution varies from one firm to the other because their needs are not similar. It is the companies needs that will guide the firm in the selection and implementation of the framework.

There is the review and the retro stage where both are concerned with the outcome. The review will check on individual performance whereas the retro checks on the team performance. With the use of the review and retro, it makes it easy to go for the best-performing individual as well as the team. With this you can rate the activities of the business such that you know whether the SAFe practitioner is working for you or not.

Extend stage is the final stage in the use of the framework in business and you can only get to this point if the others have already worked out for you. This is where you decide to have it implemented in the whole firm. Having seen the results from the individuals and teams you are now at the point where you get to start incorporating the framework in the whole business. With the best framework it becomes easy for you to get the most for your business.

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