5 Lessons Learned:

Important Things One Should Know When Served Or After Being served With Divorce.
Getting divorced is one of the saddest steps in life many have had to go through, this is because no one would want to get married to someone just for him to end this journey that they began on high note and at their happiest hours of their live and from all the happy moment end up getting separated just because of any reason or disagreement.
Married couple have been known to be led to various challenges in life that for some they have confessed to be unable to overcome the challenge that they are facing, some of the challenge that most couple face is them going to cheat on their partner, many have confessed that this for them was led to them by a simple action by someone who innocently was there for them in a time that they were not in their best days with their married partner and the illusion that they had was the other person is the best person for them at the moment and they would be happier with them, all this in due time has gotten be opened and their partner who they are married to has come to find out how that happened, for the lucky partners have been able to get to an agreement but for most these action mostly lead to the getting a divorce because the feel betrayed by them being cheated on.
Couples need also to know that them getting a divorce will come at cost from them to the people who will be facilitating the process of their separation and of the cost that they will find out how is it that they will have to loss the house that they are currently living and if it is jointly owned they may have to sell or one will have to move out despite the fact they were living in it together